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Visible Science Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of the world's rarest vegetable oils, and one of the most expensive as well. Argan oil comes from the ancient argan tree of Morocco (nowhere else in the world!). The fruit of the argan tree contains tiny seeds that are pressed to yield the dense, golden liquid known as argan oil. Argan oil is considered to be the most perfect moisturizer and anti-aging compound known to mankind.

Argan oil contains an incredibly high concentration of Vitamin E tocopherols as well as Vitamin A carotenes . both crucial nutrients for skin health. Argan oil is a favorite of cosmetics manufacturers, because your skin LOVES argan oil and is rapidly absorbed by the skin. When applied to the hair, argan oil strengthens the hair shaft and functions as a persistent moisturizer. Argan oil increases the amount of keratin tissue produced, a critical component of both hair and nails.

You would've heard of argan oil decades ago if this precious oil weren't so rare and expensive. Now that the news is out, there just isn't enough argan oil to go around. Imitators about, but don't be fooled! We use only certified organic argan oil to insure you're getting the very best. See for yourself . and find out what all the fuss is about!

Visible Science: Sustainable, Responsible Argan Oil

For centuries, the native women of Morocco collected argan fruits by hand and cold-pressed the seeds to yield small amounts of argan oil. Cold-pressing preserves all the rich, complex vitamin compounds so vital to the skin.

Today, argan trees are raised in the traditional manner, without pesticides or any chemical treatments. Argan oil is gathered and pressed by small local communities, carrying on the traditions of their ancestors. Visible Science uses only fair-trade, certified organic argan oil for the very best results. Purchasing authentic argan oil from local cooperatives not only insures the absolute highest quality, but supports traditional lifestyles.

You can buy Visible Science Argan Oil with confidence. Your purchase helps preserve the traditional lifestyles of Moroccan natives. Funds are reinvested in schools, improved housing, improved access to water . and modernizing agricultural production. Do something amazing for yourself, as well as for these hard-working women, at the same time: try Visible Science Argan Oil today!