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Argan Oil for Split Ends and Other Hair Problems

Healthy hair can be elusive, especially in a world where so many things cause damage rather than nourish it. Chemicals in the environment, styling products, heat, sun, and coloring are just a few of things that damage the hair shaft and follicle. Damaged hair is vulnerable to breakage, thinning, and split ends. A lot of professionals will tell you there is nothing you can do short of cutting your hair to solve these problems. However, argan oil can not only help to prevent bad hair days. You can use argan oil for split ends, weak fragile hair, and even to help hair grow.

How Does Argan Oil Treatment for Hair Work?

Anything you put on your hair to help revitalize it must do two things. It must contain the nutrients your hair needs to repair itself and make your hair healthy again, and those nutrients must be able to penetrate the shaft and follicle of the hair to get to where they are needed.

Argan oil is rich in a number of properties that your hair needs to be healthy, including essential fatty acids, vitamin E, antioxidants, and more, which strengthen the shaft of the hair, and give it more elasticity making it less prone to damage. Argan oil absorbs rapidly into pores of the skin, the follicle, and hair shaft, bringing these nutrients to where the damage is, allowing your hair to repair itself in the most natural way possible. The same properties that make argan oil a skincare miracle also benefit your hair and scalp, too!

Use Argan Oil for Natural Hair Enhancement and Repair

The number of chemicals we dump into our hair each year is staggering. From shampoos and conditioners to coloring and permanents, our hair is subject to more abuse that it can manage. Then we add in more products to attempt to hide or fix the damage, all to get that perfect look. After months or years of this type of abuse, our hair soon begins to look lifeless. But, even worse, it starts to break easily, develops split ends, and loses that glossy natural shine. Using argan oil for split ends and other hair problems does not do more damage to your hair, in fact it does exactly the opposite.

Pure argan oil has no additives, is safe to use on treated hair, and repairs rather than masks the problems with your hair. Argan oil hair benefits include hair that is not limp, has its natural shine restored, is no longer frizzy, a reduction in grey hairs, and repair to split ends. Experts even say that you can use argan oil for hair growth stimulation.

How to Use Argan Oil for Split Ends and Other Problems

There are a number of different ways to use argan oil for split ends and other hair damage. You can apply the argan oil directly to split ends after your shower and leave it in. You can also spritz your hair with argan oil after it is dry, to relieve frizziness and spritz those split ends while you are at it.

You can use argan oil for split ends by using it as a hot oil treatment before you shower. Simply heat argan oil up in the microwave carefully, and apply directly to dry hair. Make sure to massage all the way to the ends and up into the scalp around the hair follicles. Warm a towel or use a shower cap to cover your hair. This will help the argan oil to penetrate into the follicle and hair shaft better. Let oil sit for about 30 minutes. Wash and condition hair as normal.

You can use argan oil for split ends and other hair problems every day. It will not make your hair limp and will give your hair a beautiful shine. Most people notice a difference the first time they use it, but it can take a bit of time and repeated applications to repair serious damage to your hair.

Finding the Right Argan Oil Treatment

You do not have to look very far to find argan oil treatments, they are everywhere due to the popularity and effectiveness of this rare oil. It is important to keep in mind that you should buy quality argan oil or argan oil products. When shopping for a product make sure that the bottle clearly states it is 100% pure, and preferably organic. Many manufacturers have taken to mixing argan oil with cheaper ingredients in order to keep the price low. These inferior products will not have the healing effects you are after, and may even do more harm than good if there are cheap fillers and additives in them.

There are also hot oil treatments, shampoos, and conditioners available with a fair amount of argan oil in them that are useful in treating split ends, weak and damaged hair. Again it pays to do your research and ensure that the product you buy has a reasonable amount of high quality argan oil in it and will significantly affect the healthy and shine of your hair. Argan oil is one of the best products to hit the market when it comes to hair repair, used properly it can turn lifeless, frizzy, and unmanageable hair into the beautiful hair you once had. So recover your luscious locks today - try Visible Science Argan Oil for smoother, silkier, sexier hair!