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Argan Oil for Dry Skin: Key Benefits

Argan oil has a reputation worldwide as a cure all for skin problems, an anti-aging miracle, and an incredible moisturizer for dry skin. Curing dry skin is more than just putting a lotion or oil on it, which may cover up the symptoms for a few hours or even days. In fact, dry skin is caused by an imbalance in the deep layers skin.

Frequently, cellular damage due to age or environmental effects leads to dry skin. The solution is based on re-nourishing the skin to heal it as well as providing a barrier against the damage to prevent it from occurring again. Low-quality moisturizers sit on the surface of the skin until they evaporate. Argan oil's unique chemical profile enables it to rapidly penetrate the skin and nourish the deep layers of the skin.

How Does Argan Oil Heal Dry Skin?

The first step to understanding the benefits of argan oil for dry skin is to understand what argan oil is. Argan oil consists of 80% unsaturated fats, very similar to the body's natural moisturizing compounds. Your skin drinks down argan oil like desert sand soaks up raindrops. But that's not all: argan oil contains crucial nutrients and, unlike most moisturizers, is able to deliver those critical compounds directly to the deep layers of the skin, where healing begins.

These nutrients work in concert to repair cellular damage, help the cells to absorb water, and work as a barrier to seal moisture in, and even prevent damaging elements such as the sun from causing more damage. These argan oil skin benefits are derived from the following active compounds:

Vitamin E tocopherols - There is twice as much vitamin E in pure argan oil for skin cells to absorb than in olive oil. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and is especially good at getting rid of free radicals. Vitamin E can also protect essential fatty acids in the body, of importance here because argan oil is largely made up of essential fatty acids, which are also of great importance in treating dry skin. Vitamin E accumulates in the skin and provides a barrier against moisture evaporation. Other critical jobs that make vitamin E essential to skin health include preventing cell aging due to oxidation, decreasing inflammation, and helping to reduce scarring of wounds and stretch marks.

Essential Fatty Acids - Essential fatty acids are critical components of our diet that we cannot synthesize, and that most people do not get enough of. Argan oil is approximately 80% essential fatty acids which can be delivered to your skin where they are needed to treat dry skin. The primary job of essential fatty acids for the skin, is to repair cell membranes enabling cells to absorb water and the proper nutrition they need for optimal health. Because the skin can absorb and hold more water dry skin becomes a thing of the past.

Prostaglandins - Prostaglandins are lipid compounds derived from the essential fatty acids in the argan oil. Prostaglandins help to control cell growth and development resulting in healthier younger looking skin.

Vitamin A carotenoids - Carotenoids are also antioxidants, but a very special type that aids in protecting skin. When using argan oil for dry skin, the carotenoids create a barrier against UV radiation and free radical damage. This damage would typically be seen as dry skin, however with the use of argan oil, carotenoids help to shield the skin from the damage, as well as boost the immune system and the health of skin cells.

Sterols - Human sterols make up the largest part of the outer layer of skin. Plant sterols are rarely found in plant oils, but are chemically similar to human sterols, so can provide the same benefits. Sterols are a lipid like compound that helps to prevent aging, but is also crucial in the role of moisture retention and helping the argan oil to penetrate very quickly. Sterols are a major component in adding and maintaining optimal skin barrier function, which is likely the reason why using argan oil for dry skin works so quickly and provides such surprising results.

Other Benefits of Using Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of the best solutions for dry skin in a long time, but it is not the only use for argan oil. Many people are plagued with skin that is both oily and dry, and because of this are hesitant to use anything to treat their skin. These extremes are caused by an imbalance in the skin's metabolism, an imbalance that the use of argan oil can remedy. Many women have been amazed at the difference when using argan oil on oily skin. Not only can you use argan oil for dry skin, but it can be used to restore the balance between dry and oily skin and the end results is skin that is neither very dry or too oily, but healthy and vibrant.

You can also use argan oil for a dry scalp, where the oil can also repair damaged hair follicles and treat psoriasis. Argan oil is also ideal for calluses and severe dry cracking skin around the heels and feet. Pure oil is best especially for spot treatment, but other products such as body butter, bath oil, sprays, and lotions can also work well provided you buy them from a reputable source.

Using argan oil for dry skin provides instant relief that only gets better the longer you use it. It can be used for dry skin, combination skin, and even on oily skin to restore your skins balance, repair cells, and give your skin a soft, youthful, trouble free appearance.

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